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The Places That Matter plaque project and the Community History Resource website are initiatives of Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Your support will help sustain and grow the project and build awareness and appreciation of the sites and local history recognized through the program.

The Places That Matter plaque project was launched with a grant from the Government of Canada’s Celebrate Vancouver 125 in 2011. This project would not have been possible without the support of our project partners, plaque and presentation sponsors and dedicated volunteers. See our THANK YOU page for the full list of community supporters to date!

The Places That Matter Community History Resource website was funded in part by Heritage BC through the Heritage Legacy Fund and content supported by the Vancouver Historical Society.

Help support the project

  • for plaque maintenance and installation costs
  • by being a plaque sponsor or online site sponsor
  • by donating towards continued research on a particular site or collection of sites
  • with in-kind donations and sponsorship for free public celebrations
  • for VHF’s Heritage Study Guide for Schools and the creation of supporting documents and materials for teachers and students to use the Community History Resource website in classrooms.

If you found this website useful, please consider making a donation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Help us continue to maintain this project and to provide other resources to connect people to Vancouver’s built and cultural heritage. Your donation is greatly appreciated and allows VHF to continue providing educational programs, information resources and grants.

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Your Stories!

Why do one or more of VHF's PTM sites matter to you? Tell us your story or help us with more information. Please note that your story may be used in an edited form in the "Community Stories" section. Thank you!