Community Celebrations

Thank you for joining us at our 5th Places That Matter Community Celebration, Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 from 7-8pm. [screenshot] Stay tuned for updates on all 2022 PTM plaque presentations.



February 23, 2022: 5th Community Celebration virtual event

Program: Mack Paul, Councillor Colleen Hardwick, Alysa Routtenberg, Randy Clark and Keiko Honda.


February 16th, 2021: 4th Community Celebration virtual event

Program: Alec Guerin, Mack Paul, Councillor Adriane Carr, Carmen Correal and Adriana Contreras Correal, Tara Fraser, and Dr. Imogene Lim.

June 17, 2021: Plaque #89 Mennonite Maids- virtual presentation

Speakers: Deputy Mayor Clr De Genova, Clr Wiebe, Richard Thiessen, Dr. Ruth Derksen Siemens, Ruth Fast


February 19th: 3rd Places That Matter Community Celebration (Heritage Hall)

Program: Alec Guerin, Councillor Kirby-Young, Donald Luxton, Rob Howatson, Leona Lam, Sasaki Family, Jan Tollefsen, Erika and Kate Gerson

 Organizations: Asian Canadian Asian Migration Studies UBC & INSTRCC (Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies at UBC), African Descent Festival Society, BC Golf House Society, BC Heritage Fairs Society, BC Labour History Society, BC Sports Hall of Fame, Celtic Cannery and Shipyards Communities, Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC, City of Vancouver Archives, Don Luxton (Heritage Bridges), Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, False Creek Watershed Society, Friends of the Vancouver City Archives, Gerson Family (Unitarian Church), Heather Heritage Society & VGH School of Nursing Alumnae Association, Heritage Hall Preservation Society, Jason Vanderhill (Future History Endeavors), Jewish Museum and Archives of BC, John Oliver Legacy Society, Kits Neighbourhood House, Loretta Lynn Chicken Coop & South Vancouver History (Rob Howatson), MAU Collective (Nellie Yip Quong), Mount Pleasant Heritage Group, Nikkei National Museum and Archives, Punjabi Market Renegeration Society,Stanley Park Rock Garden, Talking Stick Festival, United Players of Vancouver, Vancouver Historical Society.

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