Kerrisdale Community Centre (Point Grey Municipal Hall)


Since 1955, the Kerrisdale Community Centre has occupied the site of the Point Grey Municipal Hall, which helped establish Kerrisdale as the main shopping village on the city’s west side. Point Grey separated from South Vancouver in 1908 and amalgamated with the City of Vancouver in 1929. The Centre originally included a library, health unit and police department. An outdoor pool opened in 1956 and a seniors centre in 1986. Private donations and local area plebiscites helped fund both the Community Centre and Kerrisdale Arena.

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Point Grey Municipality
The District of South Vancouver originally encompassed lands south of 16th Avenue to the Fraser River. When it was incorporated in 1891, it was mostly agricultural land with a scattering of small villages. In 1906, the area west of Ontario Street and south of 16th Avenue separated from the District of South Vancouver. Its residents “objected to the Municipality of South Vancouver’s penny-pinching policy on civic improvements, and led the secessionist movement which culminated in the incorporation of Point Grey municipality in 1908,” writes Michael Kluckner.

Municipal Hall
Kerrisdale became the municipal centre, and a multi-gabled Tudor Revival Municipal Hall was erected at 42nd and West Boulevard to serve as the administrative centre for the recently-seceded Point Grey Municipality. It stood just one block south of the bustling village business district, which received a boost from BCER’s interurban line from Vancouver to Steveston which stopped at 41st Avenue from 1905 (see Arbutus Corridor). The Municipal Hall was also the headquarters for the motorcycle-equipped Point Grey police force. The building became a community centre after Point Grey’s amalgamation with the City of Vancouver in 1929.

Kerrisdale Community Centre
One of the earliest community centres to be built in Vancouver, Kerrisdale Community Centre was constructed in 1952 through a local improvement by-law initiative whereby residents in the area agreed to directly fund facility building costs. Today the Kerrisdale Community Centre is jointly operated by Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. It offers programming in recreation, sport and the arts for all age groups. An indoor pool, exercise room, gymnasium, public library and seniors’ wing comprise the main building complex with the Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena two blocks away. 


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