Collingwood Neighbourhood House

“We want to give people a sense of belonging. And that includes friendships, that includes a place to go where people know your name and a place to go where you feel you have something to contribute.” -Jennifer Gray-Grant, Collingwood Neighbourhood House Executive Director


Collingwood Neighbourhood House began “as an idea at a kitchen table” and was established in the late 1980s. With a mission to build community and develop relationships between neighbours, the Neighbourhood House provides everything from childcare and recreation programs to settlement services and celebrations for an extremely diverse intercultural community, while providing residents with opportunities to come together to improve the community.

Sponsored by the Collingwood Neighbourhood House


The Neighbourhood House
Collingwood Neighbourhood House provides services and community development initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of residents in the Collingwood area of east Vancouver. Activities are targeted primarily to low and middle income families. Services are delivered in a variety of languages with emphasis on building social connections, capacity, cross-cultural sharing and life-long learning. Residents of all ages participate in educational, cultural, social, health, economic and recreational services, as well as contribute towards building a safe and caring community through volunteer contributions, leadership and partnership development.


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5288 Joyce St.


49.236634, -123.032846


The plaque is located on the brick facade at the main entrance.

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